The museum grounds are full of hidden treasures and surprises

There's a sandstone-tiled path accompanied by gardens, a full rock garden full of dozens of plant species, several island gardens full of ferns, rhododendrons and azaleas, and beautifully landscaped raised and ground-level flower beds and lawn areas. When you visit, be sure to bring a change of shoes and your camera! Closer to the museum buildings, you'll find the tiled picnic table, a sandstone path adjacent to front lawn, and red stained concrete formed like bricks to mark the divide between the walkway and parking area. The Missoula Flood stones form a border along the base of the rock garden and are visible within the outdoor geologic walk, which traverses the entire property.

Dozens of varieties of both domestic and wild flowers, shrubs, trees, mosses, and fungi can be found at the Museum. The Rice NW Museum is nestled among huge fir trees in a beautiful landscape; the grounds are full of hidden treasures and surprises. If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a hawk, owl or eagle soaring overhead, a wandering deer or coyote on the prowl, a hummingbird drinking from a flower or feeder, a bunny eating clover from the lawn, or frog or snake searching for a water hole. From towering trees to countless fungi and wildflower varieties, there's something here for every nature lover.