Plan a general tour, a large group tour or a school tour at the museum

The museum can easily accommodate groups of 10 to 250 participants

Tour Groups will be able to visit all of the museum's galleries, including the fabulous Lapidary Arts Gallery

Small Group Tours: 30 or less participants

Small group tours of 30 or fewer participants are self guided during normal business hours. Museum hosts will answer questions and point out items of interest throughout the facility. A guided morning or afternoon tour can be scheduled for a flat rate fee of $150.

Schools and Large Group Tours: 31 - 125 participants

We are proud to be a frequent field trip destination for students all across Oregon and Southern Washington. Special group programs are designed to both educate and excite young minds about minerals and earth science. From kindergarten to college-level, there's so much to learn about the rocks, minerals and fossils; what they are, how they form, their economic uses, and their extraordinary natural beauty.

Have a group of 31 or more? Guided tours are available upon request. In most cases, group tours are scheduled outside our normal business hours. Museum hosts will share interesting facts about the museum, its history and the many galleries, exhibits, and specimens. Our mission is to provide a FUN experience that is so engaging and educational you'll want to come back again and again.

Students and adults alike will learn from verbal instruction, brief video presentation, exciting visual exhibits, and hands-on fun! Your group will have opportunities to SEE ROCKS THAT GLOW, TOUCH FOSSILS AND METEORITES, HEAR A PETRIFIED LOG "TALK", and so much more!

To schedule, please contact the Museum. Date and times are subject to availability.

School Tour Information