Rare, exotic myrickite specimens for sale!

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals is proud to offer a rare, exotic collection of myrickite specimens for sale. This one of a kind collection includes 63 exquisite collector's items that are unmatched for craftsmanship and beauty. Myrickite is rare, and to date, less than one ton has been found and used in art stones. Myrickite is found uniquely in the United States. It is only found overlying gold deposits.

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The Gift Shop has something for everyone

The Gift Shop at the Rice NW Museum is loaded with everything from $1 polished pocket stones to high-end collectors items in the thousand-dollar range. Try on some fun jewelry, make a wish-list of faceted gemstone items, purchase a unique gift that only nature can create, or peruse our selection of hard-to-find books. If you're looking for a small souvenir or a prized keepsake to pass on to future generations, there's something for every rock and mineral shopper here. Be sure to come in every time you visit the museum to see what's new in the shop. Proceeds from sales support the Museum, a non-profit business.